Creating a Caring Community Response to Suicide

Hi All,

We hope you all are doing well in these crazy times. We know there are many among us who are struggling to just keep our heads above water and some are generously giving their time to support the community.

H.O.T organized our Suicide Awareness walk last year and we were looking forward to expanding this year. Yet, with the COVID crisis, that will not be a viable option. We have come up with an alternative plan that we are offering our community to participate in.

We are calling this project
A Tapestry of Hope

The idea is to decorate quilt-like squares with any creative form you care to use, be it markers, fabric paint, stitching, embroidery, or any embellishment or medium you feel comfortable with. You can add appliques, favorite symbols, pictures, or animals. You can write a message or create an image that is uniquely yours.

The theme for the Tapestries are messages of Hope and Positivity in these days. Many people have lost jobs, homes, and are struggling to get by. During difficult times, thoughts of taking your life rise as other solutions seem out of reach.

We will begin to distribute the fabric pieces after Saturday, August 1st. They will be collected no later than August 22nd to be included in this year’s celebration. When the patches are finished they will be incorporated into tapestries that will be displayed in the month of September as part of Suicide Awareness Month in prominent places to be determined.

We will be advertising the event and would love to mention various organizations, businesses, and individuals that will be contributing to the project.  You can participate individually, as a family, group or organization. All talent levels welcome. We’d love to include you!

How can you participate? We will need volunteers to help cut, distribute, collect, sort, and sew the tapestries. If your business would like to display the tapestry or help with financial support, that is of course welcome. We are happy to have the support and assistance of The Taos Quilters Association who will be providing advice and supporting the actual construction of the tapestries.

To get started, request a quilt square from Risa Lehrer or Stephanie Waters at or phone Stephanie directly at 505-660-5829 or Risa at 575-758-3913.