Creating a Caring Community Response to Suicide

How to develop supports to reduce the chance of suicide

  • Having a strong social support system is one of the best ways for you and the people you support to maintain and build positive mental health. More specifically, social supports can decrease the chance of suicide
  • A strong social support system can alleviate stress by providing individuals with another person to share their problems with. When individuals have someone to confide in who cares about what they are saying and listen to their problems, they may find it easier to deal with whatever challenges they are facing.
  • In addition, people in an individual’s support system may be able to give ideas or recommendations for how to overcome life’s challenges.Increasing a person’s self confidence and feelings of value –Being part of a strong social support system can make an individual feel loved and important. Individuals can listen to the challenges of others in their support system and may even have ideas about how their friends can overcome these challenges. Feeling valued by other people can increase an individual’s self confidence and self esteem – this contributes to good mental health.
  • Decreasing feelings of loneliness and isolation – Social support systems can also be fun! Individuals can call on members of their social support system when they want to participate in an activity or just talk about what is going on in their lives. The more individuals participate in social connectiveness the less isolate they feel
  • Without friends and other social supports many people are more likely to feel lonely, isolated, and bored – this can increase risk for developing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and risk taking behaviors. A strong social support system can improve your mental health and the mental health of the individuals you support!
  • Decrease stigma, stigma only leads to silence. And silence about a suicide loss does not contain the ripple effect—it just leaves people feeling isolated, as if they are facing this tragedy alone. When someone dies by suicide, the aftermath opens up an immediate opportunity to talk about suicide as a public health issue that affects all of us. We all have a role to play in prevention and decreasing stigma

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Get Involved with any of these organizations to build supports

Field Institute of Taos

Boy Scouts

Girl Time


Little League

Taos Youth Music School


Taos Winter Sports


Amigos Bravos

Church programs


Chess Clubs

Service clubs


Taos Hockey

Taos Tiger Shark Swim Team

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