Creating a Caring Community Response to Suicide


In the summer of 2020 Help Outreach Taos decided to create a project that would bring the community together during these difficult times.

We began to distribute the fabric pieces in August. The idea was to decorate fabric squares using any creative form.  Many people contributed work that resulted in unique and powerful images. The first quilt was sewn by Ruth Krasovec from the Taos Quilt and Needlework Guild.

The theme of the quilt was Hope and Positivity.
The Tapestry of Hope became real!

The first tapestry was displayed at the Taos County Courthouse during the month of November.


The project continues!

 More fabric squares were created for another tapestry!

 It was lovingly sewn together by Allison Foley and is now on display at Holy Cross Hospital for those who are receiving services.

We have moved our original tapestry to Aceq Restaurant in Arroyo Seco for the month of February. If you would like to view the tapestry at Aceq please stop by during business hours from 4pm-8pm.  If you visit the restaurant and mention the tapestry Chef Safford will give you10% off your take out dinner!

We are grateful to have the support and assistance of The Taos  Quilt and Needlework Guild, Holy Cross Hospital, The Town of Taos, Aceq Restaurant, CAV, Golden Willow and too many others to name.

We will continue to display the tapestries around the town of Taos with the hope of creating more tapestries for the community.

Our goal is to have our next Walk for Life in September, which is Suicide Awareness month. During the walk we will proudly display the tapestries that our community created. During very difficult times Taosenos came together and created something of beauty and meaning.

These days, many people have lost jobs, homes, and are struggling to get by. During difficult